Viper Fang 24T Floor Cleaning Machine Hire

A3 Machines have a range of Viper cleaning machines available for short term and long term hire whether you need it for one day, a week or longer.  Floor cleaning machine hire is an ideal option if you’re fulfilling a short term requirement or are simply unsure which machine is most suitable for your situation in the long term and wish to use the machine for a trial period. Hiring also has cash flow advantages as there is no up-front deposit to pay, just a flat monthly payment to make over the agreed term and the longer that period is the lower the payment.

The Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer

The Viper Fang Scrubber Dryer is a large walk-behind scrubber dryer is a good option for the regular cleaning of large floor areas. We find they have proved particularly popular with retailers who need to maintain hygiene standards in public areas such as shop floors with high foot and trolley traffic and with a productivity rate of 2,400 m2 per hour it certainly makes light work of any floor cleaning task.

One of the main benefits of the Viper Fang 24T is the large 24v 20 Amp deep cycle battery which allows you to clean large areas without being restricted by the length of the power cable or having to worry about it becoming a trip or electrical hazard. Another well thought out feature is the ability to adjust the cleaning pad pressure depending on the surface being cleaned. The machine also has a 66 litre tank to hold the cleaning solution and a similarly sized recovery tank to hold the dirty solution recovered from the floor via the vacuum system.

Overall the Viper Fang 24T is a robust machine with large capacity battery, cleaning and
recovery tanks that makes light work of cleaning commercial and industrial floors.

Viper Fang 24T Hire Charges

Listed below are the floor cleaning machine hire charges for the Viper Fang 24T scrubber dryer dated January 2018. Please note that in most cases we will refund the cost of short term floor cleaning machine hire should you later decide to purchase the machine.

Hire Period Ex VAT Inc. VAT
Weekly 90.00 108.00
Monthly 360.00 432.00
3 Months or more 270.00 324.00
6 Months or more 130.00 156.00

To get a quote for your own requirement or to discuss the options further please call our machine hire team on 01630 661 596 or contact the team via the A3 Machines Contact Form.

Why Hire through A3 Machines

A3 Machines are a family firm who understand the need to build long term relationships with our customers; we will always go out of our way to ensure you receive the best service.

All our Hire machines come with the following benefits:

  • A3 Machines are a main dealer for Viper Cleaning machines.
  • Fully Maintained On-Site by the A3 Machines Service Team.
  • Includes training on machine operation and maintenance.
  • Machines are fully serviced before delivery to ensure maximum operation.
  • Machine Delivery and Pickup anywhere in England and Wales

Viper Cleaning Machine Hire and Rental

To contact the A3 Machines machine hire team about the Viper Fang 24T please visit or call on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit:

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