Urgent Hire of Multiple Cleaning Machines

A customer recently contacted A3 Machines with an urgent hire request for multiple cleaning machines and wanted to visit our premises in Market Drayton for a demonstration. It turns out that they had recently been awarded a large cleaning contract for a factory which needed to be cleaned five days a week. Many of the areas required sweeping prior to cleaning due to a large amount of debris left daily on the floors so several different types of machines would be required. Floor debris can cause blockages in floor cleaning machinery, so we highly recommend removing it with a sweeper prior to the cleaning.

The contract was due to start shortly and given the lead time required when acquiring new machines, we recommended the following second-hand machines which were immediately available and could be supplied under a hire agreement. Hiring makes a lot of sense for contract cleaning firms as the term of the agreement can mirror that of the cleaning contract reducing the financial risk if the contract isn’t renewed.

The machines that he was interested in for urgent hire are described below and includes some video footage of the machines being demonstrated.

Victor Sprite 15″ Floor Polisher

This machine was to be used to polish the floor in the main reception area. The floor has a vinyl covering and the machine would be used in conjunction with a red floor pad which will polish and lightly clean

Link to specifications page: 15″ Victor Sprite Floor Polisher Information

Hako B750R Ride on Scrubber Dryer

The Hako was to be used on the main factory floor. It has a very large water capacity and is capable of scrubbing large areas very quickly. Because parts of the concrete are quite uneven we advised that he used scrubbing brushes instead on floor pads for this application.

Link to specifications page: Hakomatic B750R Ride on Scrubber Dryer Information Page

Nilfisk SR1101B Ride on Sweeper

The Nilfisk was to be used on the main factory floor prior to scrubbing. We were advised that large amounts of debris were on the floor including pieces of wood from pallets, small pieces of shrink wrap and fork lift rubber dust. The dust tended to lay on the finished goods which was causing a problem when sending out to customers.

Link to specifications page: Nilfisk SR1101B Ride on Sweeper information page

Tennant S8 Pedestrian Sweeper

The Tennant was to be used to sweep the main staff walkways around the sides of the factory floor where the larger ride one would not be able to access. The main benefit of this machine is that is very compact and less hazardous in confined areas.

Link to specifications page: Tennant S8 Pedestrian Sweeper information page

Viper Fang 32 Scrubber Dryer (refurbished)

A large pedestrian machine was needed to then clean the staff walkways, not a very wide area but a very long walkway. This machine was ideal due to the large water capacity and long running time.

Link to specifications page: Viper Fang 32 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer information page

The customer was very impressed with our extensive range of products and the fact we were able to supply them as an urgent hire and decided to take all the machines over a two-year term.

Our next step was to deliver the machines and give on-site training to his team of cleaners. We decided to present all members of staff attending with a Merit of Competency certificate having successfully displayed full user knowledge.

Demonstrating Multiple Cleaning Machines for Urgent Hire

To contact the A3 Machines machine hire team about hiring a Nilfisk or Other Machine please visit www.a3machines.co.uk or call on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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