Reducing the Cost of Tennis Court Cleaning at London Club

A tennis club in Central London were in touch recently about external tennis court cleaning.  It turns out they had been cleaning the courts with a jet washer which was leading to the consumption of a huge volume of water.  They estimated the consumption to be 2,000 litres of water per court and when you consider they have 12 tennis courts it’s easy to calculate this was costing the club a lot of money.

Scrubber Dryers – The Jet Washing Alternative

If you follow our blog, you will be aware that we have previously recommended the use of scrubber dryers for Tennis Court Cleaning, they consume very little water and are quicker in comparison to jet washing and provide a deep clean to any hard floor surface.   

Our sales team felt a scrubber dryer would be the perfect solution for the club in London and a visit was organised to demonstrate two machines that would meet their requirements and budget. 

The machines demonstrated at the club were a reconditioned Taski Swingo 1255B walk behind battery operated scrubber dryer for cleaning the outdoor tennis courts and a new Viper AS430C Mains powered scrubber dryer for cleaning the more confined areas.

Tennis Court Cleaning with a Taski Swingo 1255B Scrubber Dryer

The machines certainly lived up to our expectations and the demonstration of the Taski Swingo 1255B on the green border of the Tennis Court resulted in quite a transformation making the green so much brighter. Needless to say, the demonstration of both machines went very well impressing the tennis club and I’m pleased to say had resulted in long term hire on both machines.

Taski Swingo 1255B Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Taski Swingo 1255B is a walk-behind 22-inch (55 cm) auto scrubber, battery powered and sized for performance it features a 60-litre tank volume which increases productivity and reduces time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. The dual-axle system ensures easy handling and allows comfortable use of the machine.

The machine’s patented brush design follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width. Two brushes are offset to the side, allowing superior cleaning along walls and under racks. This results in excellent soil removal and floor appearance. The patented V-shaped squeegee allows excellent water pick-up on all floor types, even on structured and grouted/tiled floors. Special squeegee blades and a direct suction line allow pick-up of small debris (e.g., cigarette butts) without clogging. Due to the proven three-wheel concept, adjustments of the squeegee are no longer necessary.

Viper AS430C Mains Scrubber Dryer

The AS430C is an easy to use medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized and heavy-traffic areas.  The machine is suitable for daily indoor cleaning in middle sized areas of hotels, restaurants, schools, retail outlets, as well as hospitals and train stations.

The solution and recovery tank is integrated into one moulded part which creates higher tank capacity and therefore a longer cleaning operations with one fill. This saves you time!  The machine is easy to use with reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch gives the user a better handling of the product and requires less force during cleaning.

Tennis Court Cleaning with a Taski Swingo 1255B Scrubber Dryer

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