M20 Service Station Cleaning Machine Demonstration

Recently the Soft Services manager responsible for Service Station Cleaning at a facility on the M20 motorway got in touch looking for a machine to clean their large public floor areas.  The service station just outside of Folkstone is a modern 24-hour service station and HGV Truck Stop that services the nearby port and Eurotunnel.  It’s extremely busy and the manager was tasked with keeping the environment clean not just for truck drivers but also for families.  The facility includes the usual mix of washrooms, shops and self-service restaurants.

They needed a floor cleaning machine that could deal efficiently and effectively with the marks and dirt left by the constant and heavy traffic of people traversing the floors in the main area and passageways.  After some consultation we scheduled a date to take a brand-new Viper AS710R Ride on scrubber dryer down to the service station in Kent to demonstrate its capabilities. 

Service Station Cleaning Machine

After arriving at the M20 Services and making contact with the manager, we set the machine up in the main restaurant area which receives a lot of footfall and has to come with food and drink staining.  Naturally the service station is open 24 x 7 so we sectioned off an small area where we could demonstrate the machine.  From the customers point of view, it must have looked like we were simply cleaning the floor.

Given the circumstances we started by applying a dilution of detergent to the floor and then ran the machine over a section of it to demonstrate the power of the Viper AS710R suction and vacuum which leaves the floor dry.  Next the machine was run over the floor with scrubbing and vacuum extraction enabled to demonstrate the full cleaning power of the machine.  Naturally we could only do this on a small section of the floor, but you can clearly see a clean line running through the demonstration area. 

Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Viper AS710R Ride-on Floor Scrubber Dryer
Floor Cleaning Demonstration with a Viper AS710R

The manager was impressed with the machine, he could see the benefits especially its ease of operation and how quickly it had managed to clean the floor.  As a result, it was agreed they would take the machine and so we moved onto discussing the financial options which concluded in a long-term hire agreement.

Viper AS710R Scrubber Dryer Hire
Viper AS710R Scrubber Dryer Hire

Viper AS710R Hire & Specifications

The large capacity and performance of the Viper AS710R makes it ideal for the daily cleaning all kinds off large indoor floor surfaces including tiling, vinyl, sealed wood, marble and concrete etc.  It’s compact, robust and simple to operate with an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly menus that keeps the training requirement to a minimum.
These features made it a perfect choice for service station cleaning.

Some of the main specification include:

Sound pressure level (dB(A))   69
Drive motor 500 watts
Brush motor 2X300 watts
Vacuum motor power 500 watts
Productivity rate 4413 m2/h
Cleaning width 710mm
Solution tank capacity 120 litres
Recovery tank capacity 120 litres
Squeegee width 940 mm
Length x width x height (mm)   1580 x 760 x 1230 mm
Net weight 225 kg

A3 Machines Ltd can provide short and long term hire contracts from 1 day up to several years on all of our machines and equipment. For the latest hire prices please visit the Viper AS710R hire page on our website.

Service Station Cleaning with a Viper AS710R Scrubber Dryer

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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