Floor Cleaning Machine Hire for Shropshire School

Earlier this month, we provided a school in Ellesmere, Shropshire with a demonstration of a Viper Fang 24T floor cleaning machine which you can read about on http://sales.a3machines.info. Impressed with how easy the machine was to use and how effective it was at cleaning the floors they went ahead and purchased the machine. I’m pleased to report that since then the head of maintenance at the school has been back in touch to arrange for the long-term hire of two more floor cleaning machines.

Cleaning Machine Hire

As we reported previously, the school has been refurbished in recent years and thanks to its academy status, was furnished with the funding for a whole new block for the sciences. However, all this expansion meant cleaning with just one machine wasn’t practical and two more machines would be needed if they were to experience the same cleaning efficiencies enjoyed in one part of the school across the rest of the academy.

Fact is modern cleaning machines make the job of maintaining large areas of flooring much more easier and faster resulting in savings in personnel costs. Those budget savings can then be directly employed to acquire further machines which in turn realise more savings. With no Capex requirement schools and business with tight financial budgets find cleaning machine hire a useful financial option, payments are fixed, maintenance is included, and the hire agreement can be amended should a different machine be required.

Naturally we were more than happy to advise the school on suitable machinery and concluded that the best solution would be to hire a Viper AS5160 scrubber dryer for use in the dance studio, and a Taski 350B walk behind scrubber dryer. The Taski is versatile machine, small enough to get into narrow walkways. It also cleans and dries going forwards and backwards, great for those narrow areas.

Viper AS5160 - Cleaning Machine Hire
Viper AS5160 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Viper AS5160 is designed to deliver continuous, high-performance cleaning. Highly productive, this walk-behind scrubber dryer comes with large capacity tanks and batteries to ensure cleaning for hours. This is particularly useful when it comes to superstores such as the one our customer on this occasion was cleaning, as large areas would need to be swept over in as efficient a manner as possible. It is also easy and comfortable to use, owing to its ergonomic design. Again, this provides our customer with the manoeuvrability needed to navigate the fixtures and fittings.

A robust machine with in depth performance, the Viper AS5160 is ideally suited for cleaning in hotels, restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets and other public institutions. It features a slim working width of 51cm and a powerful 450W brush motor.

Taski Combimat 350b - Cleaning Machine Hire
Taski Combimat 350b Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Taski 350B Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

TASKI Combimat 350B allows users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turnaround time and soil levels. The machine can be set-up for deep cleaning extraction for heavy soils or restorative type cleaning application and also be set-up for interim cleaning using our specifically formulated encapsulation chemical.

An extremely versatile machine, its manoeuvrability offers excellent control and is perfect for narrow hallways, tight spots and hard to reach areas.


Lakelands Academy now have a total of three machines which will ensure the school floors receive thorough cleaning on a regular basis and not just over the holidays.

Long Term Floor Cleaning Machine Hire at Lakelands Academy

To find out more about floor cleaning machine hire please visit http://www.a3machines.co.uk/machine-hire or call the hire team on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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