Factory Hire of a Fimap MR65B Ride on Scrubber Dryer

The Fimap MR65B is a highly productive ride-on floor scrubber dryer designed for the routine maintenance and hard cleaning of any large commercial or industrial surface such as Hospitals, Supermarkets, Retailers and Factories. It has very large cleaning solution and recovery tanks which combined with the large 36 V battery pack allow it to maintain a continuous operation of up to four hours.

Factory Cleaning with the Fimap MR65B

Palethorpes who are local to A3 Machines are a bakery that was founded in 1852 and now employ approximately 700 people at their Market Drayton factory where they produce chilled savoury rolls, hot pies, pasties and slices.

Due to the nature of the food business, hygiene is paramount and for this reason they chose to hire from ourselves, a Fimap MR65B Ride on Scrubber Dryer which makes light of the work of cleaning the large area of the factory floor.

The Fimap MG Range of Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

There are currently four models to choose from featuring various rates of productivity and size starting with the Mg75B and up to the Mg100B. All models feature a cleaning solution tank of 170 litres, a recovery tank of 175 litres and two cleaning brushes with a brush pressure of up to 100 kg powered by a large 36 V battery pack.

Standard features include:
• FSS (Fimap Solution Saver): the new dosing system that offers savings of up to 50% on water and detergent;
• FNC (Fimap Noise Cancelling): Fimap’s new noise-cancelling technology (just 64 dB (A)*);
• FWF (Fimap Water Flow): to ensure uniform water distribution on both disc brushes, thus guaranteeing even cleaning across the entire working width, even with reduced flow rates;
• FFF (Fimap Fast Fill): a system with quick coupling, for filling the water tank;
• ON/OFF Eco system: automatically stops the water flow when the machine is not functioning or has been stopped by the operator;
• Comfort Drive System: the operator can adjust the seat to suit his/her particular driving needs;
• New system for rotating the squeegee horizontally, to facilitate cleaning operations;
• Device for reducing the machine’s speed around corners, to constantly ensure maximum driving safety;
• Brush pressure regulation up to 100kg;
• Maximum machine accessibility for routine maintenance operations (e.g. topping up the battery fluid);
• Fully sanitisable tanks;
• Water and detergent level indicators.

For more information on the Finmap Mg range please visit: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/fimap-mg75b-scrubber-drier-648

Factory Floor Cleaning with a Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

To contact the A3 Machines machine hire team about the Finmap range of machines please visit www.a3machines.co.uk or call on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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