Factory Floor Cleaning with a Hired Hako B750R Scrubber Dryer

Having an excellent reputation for hygiene is essential for any businesses operating in the food industry and ensuring you have the right factory floor cleaning machinery such as a Hako B750R in place to manage that is an important part of maintaining a high standard.

Morning Foods of Crewe

Morning Foods of Crewe

Morning Foods of Crewe are an award-winning premier supplier of Milled Oats & Oat based products made for direct consumption and as Ingredients for the further processing across a wide range of uses from Cakes to Cosmetics as well as their popular Mornflake brand of cereal products.

The company have a long history which dates all the way back to 1675 when William Lea started milling at Swettenham Mill, near Congleton in Cheshire and the business is now run by his decedents of fourteen generations.

Winners of over 50 awards for Quality, Consistency and Purity Morning Foods understand the need to maintain the highest standards of food safety and have contracted the hire of a Hako B750R Ride on Scrubber Dryer from A3 Machines to ensure their factory floors are kept clean.

Maintaining a high factory floor cleaning standard in a large factory of this size is a demanding task for any cleaning team and that is why they chose to hire the ride on Hako B750R scrubber dryer. With the ability to clean a floor area of up to 4,800m2 on one charge it’s a clever alternative to manually operated scrubber dryers.

To read more about Morning Foods please visit their wesbite:  http://www.morningfoods.com

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Factory Floor Cleaning with a Hako B750R

Hako provides a range of professional ride-on scrubber dryers which can be purchased, leased or rented via A3 Machines. Ride-on machines can transport much higher capacity cleaning and recovery tanks which make them ideal for use in large industrial applications such as factories, warehouses.

There are several machines in the Hako Ride-on range for scrubber dryers and the B750R is actually one of their smaller models.

Hako B750R Ride-On Scrubber Dryer
HAKO-B750R Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Features and benefits of the Hako B750R Ride include:

• Working width 75cm
• Squeegee width 96cm
• Theoretical area performance 4,800 m2
• No. of brushes 2 Units
• Working speed 6.5 km/h
• Clean water tank 116 Litres
• Dirty water tank 116 Litres
• Width without/with squeegee 80/96 cm
• Weight without battery 340 kg
• Weight, wet with battery 716 kg
• Total power 2.17 kW

To get a quote for hiring the Hako B750R ride-on scrubber dryer or to discuss your factory floor cleaning requirement please call our machine hire team on 01630 661 596 or contact the team via the A3 Machines Contact Form. http://www.a3machines.co.uk/contacts/

Hiring a Hako B750R Ride-on Scrubber Dryer for Factory Floor Cleaning

To contact the A3 Machines machine hire team about the Hako range of machines please visit www.a3machines.co.uk or call on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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