Comac CS80B Floor Sweeper Hire to Brigg Agricultural Firm

We were contacted by a large farming company near the market town of Brigg, Lincolnshire who were looking to hire a Floor Sweeper machine for their growing, storing and packing potatoes business which has been in operation for nearly seventy years. I’m pleased to say we were recommended to them by another customer who also operates in the agricultural sector.

The customer initially contacted the main office they had explained they were looking to hire a Ride on Floor Sweeper for short term hire and the machine needed to be capable of cleaning a 30 metre by 50 metre area and could pick up fine dust. Our sales staff then asked some relevant questions to ensure they had the correct information what environment they work in, how long they require the hire, where are they based and how soon would they like the machine.

Companies in the agricultural sector work the seasons and so it makes financial sense to hire a machine for a couple of months rather than have it sit unused in a barn for most of the year.

Recommending a Floor Sweeper

Based on this outline information the sales team were able to recommend a number of Floor Sweeper machines that would meet the specifications and so emailed over to the customer their specifications along with photographs and prices.

From our recommendations the customer ended up hiring a Comac CS80B Ride on Sweeper which has a debris hopper capacity of 190 litres and has a work capacity of 9.510 sq. m per hour. Additionally the machine has an electric motor powered from an on-board battery pack and the drainage is hydraulic.

Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper
Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper

Once agreed the sales team then agreed with the customer a specific time and day required for the delivery, demonstration and training for the sweeper.

The day of the delivery, our engineer fully trained the staff on how to use the floor sweeper, how to operate the hopper and how to empty the machine. We also trained how to charge the machine correctly, due to this not happening the machine therefore would not be fully charged and they would not be getting the correct hourly usage.

We endeavour to show staff how to maintain the machine whilst using the machine and the aftercare.

All the machines that A3 Machine Ltd, hire out to customers have a complete maintenance package that comes with the machine, this includes all callout and labour costs, except for user error which then would be chargeable also he consumables are an extra cost i.e. brushes, pads or suctions rubbers.

Once the hire period is over, A3 Machines Ltd collect the machine as part of the arrangement. The Comac CS80B was on hire for over two months and worked to its full potential. The customer was very happy with the machine and service and we look forward to providing them with further equipment as and when they need it in the future.

Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper
Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper

Comac CS Range of Ride on Floor Sweepers

The Comac range of Floor Sweepers are battery operated ride on sweeping machines suitable for the cleaning of small to medium areas both indoors and outdoors. They are robust, yet compact, very manoeuvrable and offer high operator productivity.  The sweepers come supplied with 24V maintenance free batteries and charger which give around 3 hours usage on a single charge.

Additionally the unit comes with the facility to remove both the brushes and filter for cleaning without the need to use any tools. Complete with a large collection tray, simple and user-friendly controls and three different operating modes, other features applicable to this range of machines include:

  • Driving is comfortable and controls are simple and functional.
  • Forward and reverse drive with brushes on
  • Forward and reverse movement with brushes off;
  • Traction-dependent brush rotation system
  • Front flap lift for the collection of bulky waste
  • The waste hopper can be removed from the back for easy emptying.
  • The electric filter shaker with suction switch-off – directly controlled from the driver’s seat – ensures appropriate filter cleaning while being very convenient for the operator
  • The central and side brushes may easily be replaced without using tools.
Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper
Comac CS80B Battery Operated Ride on Floor Sweeper

Selecting a Floor Sweeping Machine for a Lincolnshire Farm

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