Ultimate After Party Sticky Floor Cleaner Hire

The party season is over, the tree is coming down and the decorations are being put away. However, this usually leaves behind a mess of pine needles, glitter and other associated items leaving you in need of a sticky floor cleaner.

After Party Sticky Floor Cleaner

This was the case with a privately-owned country house in Shropshire, where after celebrating the new year in style, the owners discovered that the party revellers had left them with a very sticky conservatory floor along with the remains of hundreds of party poppers. The trail of destruction continued outside onto the terrace where more party poppers, streamers and a few broken champagne flutes remained.

Having found our website using google, the house owner gave our office a call on 2nd January 2019. He told us about his predicament and then having discussed the size of the conservatory and terrace area, we were able to give the home owner a quote for two short term hire machines, which we were able to deliver the same day.

As both the terrace and conservatory needed to be swept of debris, we took along a Nilfisk SW900 Self-propelled walk behind sweeper, as this can be used both indoor and outdoor. The second machine we supplied them with was the Viper DS350 17″ dual speed floor polisher which comes complete with scrub brush, pad holder and water tank. This machine is simple to use and perfect for hard floor scrubbing and making a sticky floor cleaner. It is often used on school floors, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels.

Whilst writing this article I have been advised the customer has already been in touch to report his conservatory floor is now clean, shining and looking like new.

Nilfisk SW900 Walk Behind Sweeper

The Nilfisk SW900 walk-behind sweeper is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offers dust free removal of dry debris. The machine is fully controlled from the operator position and with improved ergonomics and a built-in hopper for the debris it offers maximum performance.

The sweeper is ideal for cleaning contractors, manufacturing industry, warehouses, hotels, concert venues and exhibition centres where increased productivity and time saving is a requirement.

Some other features include:
• The ergonomic handlebar makes it more comfortable to manoeuvre
• Traction lever integrated into the handlebar making is easy to adjust speed.
• The 60-litre hopper is easy to empty
• Includes a side broom control on handlebar
• Automatic on/off when side broom is lowered/raised
• Quicker and more effective cleaning of filter via an Electric Shaker system

Viper DS350 Dual Speed Floor Polisher

Viper DS350 Sticky Floor Cleaner
Viper DS350 Sticky Floor Cleaner

The Viper DS350 is a multi-use dual-speed single disc machine designed for professional cleaning. The machine can be fitted with different pads to cater for scrubbing, spray burnishing and buffering tasks. Operation is simple via the easy to use controls and is great value considering the quality attained by Viper Cleaning combined with the attractive pricing.

The Viper DS350 single disc is robust, reliable and service friendly, with the ergonomic design, you can easily scrub, clean and buffer floors. The machine is ready to use, water tank, brush and pad holder come with the machine. You can also choose the optional foam generator and carpet brush.

Features include:
• Automatic lock off when the handle is in the 90-degree vertical position.
• Soft start system and automatic brush installation.
• Low Noise due to the Aluminium base and belt driven motor.
• Large rear wheels facilitate transport and make for a well-balanced machine.
• Choice of 175 or 350 rpm speeds to cater for different requirements.

After Party Floor Cleaning with an A3 Machines

A3 Machines Ltd offer short and long term hire contracts from 1 day up to several years on all of our machines and equipment. For further information on how to hire your own sticky floor cleaner please visit our website www.a3machines.co.uk or call on 01630 661 596.

To read more about hiring floor cleaning machines from A3 Machines please visit: http://hire.a3machines.info

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